Electric Massagers vs. Therapists: The Pros and Cons

In a world wherein people need to fulfill many roles and perform many activities, it’s only obvious for these individuals to seek some kind of comfort after a long day of work. And one of the ways to experience relaxation is through massages.

Therapeutic massages have been existent as early as ancient times. It used to involve another individual serving as a therapist. These people train to become experts in appropriate therapy techniques. But as technologies surfaced, pieces of machinery became the showrunners. That’s why today there are many options to choose from. And here are the difference between electric massagers and therapists.

  • Portability. Electric pleno massagers have introduced the portability of massage to the world. Unlike going to the salon and book a service with a therapist, it’s very easy to pull out the massager device and begin your own session whenever you are. These gadgets are also a great investment piece because it’s a personalized device for your massage needs. Regardless of location, people can have a massage whenever they want to.
  • Customizability. Massage sessions in salons can be customized according to the needs of the client. People can just tell the therapist the kind of pressure and the areas to focus the kneads. This makes therapists a great company for the sessions because they immediately respond to the requests of the customers. However, you will have to visit salons and may not get the service because of a fully-packed booking schedule. This is where handheld massages can come in handy. Although it can come with limited modes, individuals can indulge in a relaxing experience on the go.
  • Privacy. Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of laying down on the bed while being naked. How much more uneasy would it be if they are given permission to touch the bare body. And this is where the bookings of therapists fall short. With a handheld massager, conscious people no longer have to face the fear of getting naked. They can just be comfortable in their own homes and enjoy the same benefits of a salon-style massage.
  • Cost. Pleno massagers can be quite expensive at first glance. And maybe that’s one of the reasons why some are hesitant to purchase one. However, when compared to the total price of frequent salon visits for multiple massage sessions, handheld gadgets will become cheaper compared to the other. People have to pay for the skills of therapists. But with a pleno massager, individuals can now skip the extra fee and enjoy the pain relief according to their own budget.
  • Frequency. There are people who get massages more than others do. And it can be very costly and time-consuming. That would be no problem if they had nothing else to do but to spend time and money for the sole purpose of leisure. But for practicality purposes, investing in a sturdy and durable handheld massager might be the best idea. It cuts trips to the salon or lessens visits to and fro the therapists. Always keep in mind that relaxation and relief don’t have to cost too much.

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