The Benefits of Getting a Massage After Working Out

There is nothing else that compares to the good feeling after sweating it out in the gym. However, it’s not always going to be a pleasant experience after the last set. Muscles begin to feel sore and some areas start to tingle.

As we exercise, the muscles experience minuscule tears that hopefully heal and recover after some rest. When done right, the fibers regrow and repair. But it can happen at a prolonged period. The discomfort of aching limbs can disrupt functioning in normal tasks. Fortunately, massaging the muscles right after a workout session can speed up the recuperation and will allow one to return to regular programming.

While a full body massage in the spa is a good idea, it may not always be the most feasible option due to logistics and having to travel from the gym to the spa. A better solution is to take hold of a professional handheld pleno massager that can be carried on the go. Below are some benefits of getting a deep tissue massage from these products.

  1. Hastens Recovery Period. Different motion ranges during workouts can cause muscle tears that need to recover in order to build strength. Fortunately, massaging the muscles after workout promotes faster healing to the affected areas. This activity improves blood circulation in the muscles and allows the quicker delivery of nutrients needed to repair torn fibers. A deep tissue massage with a handheld pleno massager increases recovery time twice as fast as regular resting periods.
  2. Flushes Toxins Out. Exposing the muscles to strenuous and/or high intensity activities raises the level of lactic acid in the body. When it accumulates beyond the body’s healthy threshold levels, it becomes a toxin that may damage the organs and the muscles. A gentle massage after a tough workout breaks the lactic acid and becomes easier to remove from the body. Don’t forget to also drink plenty of water to help flush the bad guys away.
  3. Eases the Muscle Aches. When going through a workout regimen, the body experiences painful muscle knots due to inflammation. They can swell and these stiffening muscles can be very painful to recover from. Some people even experience an injury while attempting to get rid of these muscle knots. A better option is to slowly release the tension by calming the muscles with a massager. These devices can help reduce swelling and thereby help the muscles cool down faster. Doing so also increases your flexibility and will therefore allow you to engage in more motion ranges especially when you’re about to join marathons.
  4. Rewards for a Job Well Done. Exercise should not only be viewed as something to punish oneself with. But it should also be accompanied by something rewarding in the form of a relaxing and soothing recovery massage. Do this with a handheld automatic pleno massager that can be carried together with your gym equipment. Getting a massage after every workout can also boost your energy the day after. As the pleno massager helps you cool down and will eventually lead to a relaxing sleep, you will have more chances of experiencing an uninterrupted comfortable slumber at night.

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