5 Digit Alloy Lock

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Password Setting Steps:
1. The initial password: 00000, when the initial password is aligned with the scale, the lock can be unlocked (as pictured)
2. After opening, turn the axle wheel 90° clockwise (as pictured)
3. Align the scale, and you can modify the password (as pictured)
4. After changing the password, turn the shaft wheel counterclockwise back to the original position (as pictured)
5. Insert the lock, mess up the password to lock (as pictured)

Note: After changing the password, it is recommended to take a photo and keep it on file to avoid forgetting the password


-【High-Strength Wireline Cable】
The lock cylinder is made of corrosion-resistant electroplating alloy, and the chain is a tough steel wire winding, which is very thick and lengthened, wear-resistant, and does not rust. Most regular tools can not break these bike chain locks, so ensure to make your e-bike safe.

-【Five-Digit Combination Lock, Double Security】
Password setting is simple, the five-digit password is more secure. So you can reset the bike wheel lock from time to time to keep your precious bike secure.

-【PVC Cover for Waterproof】
Consider that bikes have store outdoor usually, so this lock for bike has designed with hard PVC coverage to protect the metal part from damage from any weather, also promotes the waterproofing and protection of this chain bike lock.

-【Coarse and lengthened, built-in wear-resistant, non-rusty, tough wire winding】
The chain of this e-bike lock is very long and thick, when you go out it can tie the bicycle to a tree, utility poles, and various fixed buildings, which is double the safety

-【Package Included & Product Dimensions】
1 x Cable Bike Lock, 1 x User Manual. Cable Length:120cm, Cable Diameter: 12mmm, Product Weight: About 0.419kg.

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