Five Speed Intelligent Fascia Massage Gun - Slim, Elegant, Quick Charge

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User-friendly ergonomic base for quick charge, best deep tissue massage gun for your pain relief, with 4 massage attachments.

Intelligent Massage Mode

On top of a variety of speeds, the SlimElegant has two unique modes. The first is a unique function called "Intelligent Massage Mode", providing a light pulse which gradually transitions to stronger pusles. This is the perfect setting for relaxing at home and provides an experience as close to a real, hands-on massage, as possible.


Quick Charge, Keep the Power Full

The SlimElegant can be quickly charged by being placed in the charging base's bottom groove. The innovative charging base with anti-slip touch paint technology, which effectively stabilizes the massage gun's body to prevent falling and bumping, ensures the safety and convenience. And it is space-saving and easy to store with a fresh design.


Five Speed Modes

The SlimElegant has five speed modes that range between 1800-3200rpm, each
scientifically calibrated to deliver the best possible recovery benefits for the body.


Product Features

Double-bearing Rotating Structure

The massage gun is equipped with a 24V high-power brushless motor and a double-bearing rotating structure. With high-speed percussions of 3200 rpm, the massage gun can stimulate muscle groups up to 10 mm depth to quickly neutralize lactic acid after exercise to efficiently relax your body.

Professional Fitness Mode

The "Professional Fitness Mode" is used to relax tense muscles after exercise. This mode works to effectively prevent muscle adhesion, eliminate accumulation of lactic acid, and eliminate soreness and fatigue.

84 Days of Endurance

The SlimElegant is equipped with a 2900mAh long-life lithium battery that supports 84 days of daily ten minute use on a full charge. The result is a handy massage gun that easily provides daily deep massages.


Ergonomic Grip

The SlimElegant has an ergonomic handle that ensures a firm grip, and ensures stability and no shifting once it's powered on. The design includes lines that are simple and smooth, highlighting the sports-tech feel.


Take Great Care of Your Body

You can start up the massage gun with just one button to immediately launch Intelligent Massage Gun. Once it's used for ten minutes, it easily eliminates pain and fatigue, leaving the entire body feeling light and comfortable.


Product Specifications

• Product type: Massage Gun SlimElegant
• Product dimensions: 7.4''x9.3''x2.4''(189*236*60mm)
• Charging Base: 10.2''x10.2''x1.0''(104*147*52mm)
• Product thrust: 12-20kg

• Motor life: 2,000 hours
• Motor speed: 1800 ~ 3200 RPM
  1) first gear: 1800 RPM
  2) second gear: 2400 RPM
  3) third gear: 3200 RPM
  4) fourth and fifth gear: intelligent massage mode, imitation of artificial massage.

• Product noise: 45dB
• Charging voltage:
  1) DC charging adapter: IN 100-240V, OUT 17.5V 1A
  2) Fascia gun host: IN 17.5V 1A
• Rated power: 45w
• Battery capacity: 2900mAh
• Battery life: 80% charge after 500 cycles

• Charging time: 4h
  1) first gear: 14 hours of battery life
  2) second gear: 10 hours of battery life
  3) third gear: 9 hours of battery life

• Material of massage head:
  ABS (flat head, round head)
  Food grade silicone(bullet head, u-shaped head)

• Operation button: one button for the whole machine
  1) Long press: power on and power off
  2) Click: switch gears
• Product weight: 0.8 kg
• Warranty:1 Year

• Accessories:
  original storage box x1
  power adapter x1
  massage head x4


User's Guide

Using the SEY


1. To turn on the SE, firmly press and hold the center ON/OFF button for 2 seconds at the bottom.
2. Press and release the ON/OFF button at the bottom to switch speeds, up to speed 3.
3. Press the button at speed 3 to enter the ready mode(Speed 0). and the device will slow down from speed 3 to speed 0.
4. The SE should be used with the attachment making perpendicular contact with the skin. Only the attachment of the device should make contact with the skin or area you are treating.
5. To turn off the SE, long Press the ON/OFF button at the bottom at any mode, until the device shuts down. And it will shut down automatically without use for 15 seconds.

Connecting the Attachments
Align the attachment with the round hole in front of the massage gun and rotate the head slightly instead of plugging in.
To remove, grip the attachment, rotating it out.. Pull off the attachment.

Plug the charging wire into the charge port at the bottom of the massage gun handle, and connect the power supply to start charging until the light flashes. Charging is complete with all the power indicators on. The battery can be charged at any time, any power level, especially when the power is week with only one light on. Please don't use it when charging.


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