OVICX X3 Folding Portable Treadmill Commercial Treadmills for Home

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OVICX X3 Folding Portable Treadmill Commercial Treadmills for Home Exercise Machine for Small Spaces with LED Display

【Gym-level Motor】X3 treadmill gym completely standard machine design, can reach its peak power of 3.5HP(It is not recommended to use 3.5HP, which will speed up the time of machine damage. It is recommended that you use rated power or lower.), and has good heat dissipation system. The motor continues to run up to 1000-1200 hours. Although it is designed for families, its performance can reach the level of a commercial treadmill.

【Intelligent Speed Reduction】Looking operation buttons is very inconvenient when running fast. The intelligent deceleration button solves this problem. When you are tired, you can touch the "Intelligent Speed Reduction" button and the speed will be slowed down to walk speed. Touch it again, speed will return to fast running speed.

【Bluetooth & Fitshow App】X3 treadmill has Bluetooth function. You can link the "Fitshow" App on your phone via Bluetooth. Not only can you view various data on "Fitshow", but you can also share these data with your friends to view sports rankings in real-time. Make exercise more fun.

【One Button Control】The screen has only one button. Power on and off, adjust speed, link App settings and other operations are all operated by this button. Different functions can be achieved by short press, long press and rotation. Large screen, so you can observe the data in real-time.

【AirCapsules Shock Absorption & Return Tips】Compared with the shock absorption of ordinary springs, the X3 treadmill uses AirCapsules air capsule shock absorption technology, which can absorb most of the rebound force, thereby better protecting the knee from injury. And reduce the trouble caused by noise. Please check the product and confirm that there is no problem before discarding the package, otherwise it will affect the return of the product.

Customer Reviews

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Best treadmill for one room apartment I ever bought

I'd bought 2 motorized treadmill for my one room apartment: one cheaper and one about the same price.The first was not steady, no railings to hold on to and at 69 it was too risky for me. I bought another one from a different company but it stopped after several months. During Covid I could NOT find anyone to come into my home to repair it. I had liked the way that one ran. I felt safe with the strong side rails. I ended up replacing it with a manual treadmill. I still use the manual. It's on an incline and since I power it myself I get quite the workout. However, I missed the motorized treadmill. I read about this Ovicx one. The company took care in its design and construction. I couldn't be more satisfied. It is STRONG. Already assembled. With my previous purchases I can say with confidence that this is a treadmill I can count on. and enjoy using. As the company states ir is "a runner's dream". It is a 70 year old' walker and jogger's dream too. There are shock absorbers placed in 6 points so it's good to the knees, back, etc. . . It isn't noisy. I like the digital control panel for speed, distance, and calories plus time. Read up on the company's website. It is worth the price. Since more and more stay home to exercise instead of going to the gym, some companies have done a good job in improving home treadmills. Thank you OVICX and thank you Amazon.

Best looking and Just works great

WOW. Absolutely love it. You just take it right out of the box. No assembly needed. Please buy a mat if you place it on carpet. Runs perfect no hesitation. Belt is smooth and quite. Controls are very basic. You can only set speed no time. It counts time but cannot be set. So if you are looking for a treadmil that you can set time its not for you. Very heavy to get out of box after that easy to move.


The machine arrived in perfect condition. My dog and I use it everyday. He is running at 5 mph in this video. The machine is quiet but this video is kind of loud because of his claws. I would def recommend!

For now I don't have any problem and it's perfect for me.

This help me a lot because I don't have time to go to the gym because I have little kids. Now I can do exercise every day. Nice product easy to use and save me a lot of space.

Love this!

I was very surprised on how easy it was to assemble. Walked 2 miles on it at a pretty have pace. Love the size and how it folds up. Would definitely recommend buying.